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let tiger holidays take you to lush, beautiful kalibo

The best time to visit Kalibo is during the Ati-Atihan Festival – typically in January, but dates may vary, so make sure you check before purchasing your Tiger Holidays’s tickets. Make sure you don’t wait for too long, because airlines are frequently overbooked at this time, as tourists flock into Kalibo to enjoy one of the biggest festivals in the region.

One of the most amazing things about the Ati-Atihan Festival is that there’s no restriction for tourists to mingle with the artists, there are no barriers for the parade. You can walk right to the dancers and take pictures with them – for memories to last a lifetime.

Things to Do in Kalibo

  • Only 10 minutes from the Kalibo airport, you’ll find the Mangrove Forest – one of the most successful such projects in the world. It has an outdoor dining area, when you can purchase some local dishes for your lunch – so, right after you get off the Tiger Holidays plan, you can go and enjoy the amazing shade of the mangroves.
  • Visit the Aklan Freedom Shrine – it’s right in the center of Kalibo, so it’s quite impossible to miss. Admire the symbolism of the 19 steps that lead to the remains of the 19 heroes who fought against the Spanish occupation.
  • Go shopping – you cannot leave Kalibo without purchasing some piña cloth, made from a very special type of pineapple fiber combine with silk or polyester. The piña cloth is the material of choice used for the beautiful Barong Tagalog (the formal shirt that you’ve surely seen on various state officials during your visit to Philippines). If you want to purchase a smaller item, you can find piña cloth used for bags, mats, and table linen in various colors and designs.
  • Keep shopping – Kalibo is a good source for unique souvenirs at extremely low prices. You can take a trip to the nearby town of Lezo, and purchase some of the famous Lezo pottery – very beautiful and sturdy, and for shockingly low prices. Other high-quality merchandise of Kalibo includes furniture and various combinations of dried bananas, coconut, and mangoes.
  • Visit the Jawili Falls, a short trip out of the city – but not an actually hiking trail, as you can get by car very close to the entrance. The crystal clear waters are a favorite attraction for tourists and locals alike.

For a long time, Kalibo has been just a stop on the road to Boracay. Thanks to Tiger Holidays’s packages, you can get directly to Kalibo, and discover that this area has much more to offer. Due to the never-ending efforts of conservationists and nature lovers, it’s getting slowly restored to its majestic beauty – and, in addition to admiring the beauty of the nature, you also have to stop and pay respects to the hard work of the men and women who make it happen.

It would be a pity for Kalibo to become a center of mass tourism, but its beauty is sure to make it increasingly popular – so book your Tiger Holidays tickets to Kalibo today, while it’s still an undiscovered gem of the Philippines.