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ticket to guilin is cheaper than you thought possible

Guilin is known as the pearl of Chinese tourism – and not for the town itself, but for the amazing Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, which surrounds it. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t find Guilin breathtaking when you get off the plane; its main advantage is the convenient location, allowing tourists to visit several uniquely picturesque sights on short daytrips.

If you’ve found the cost of traveling to China prohibitive until now, Tiger Holidays can take you to Guilin for a fraction of what this flight use to be! Check out our special offers today, and start preparing your trip with a big of research about the main attractions.

Don’t Leave Guilin Without Seeing…

  • The Reed Flute Cave – don’t brush it off your itinerary, even if stalactites and stalagmites are not your thing – this is a truly unique cave, and you won’t meet the same view anywhere in the world.
  • Yaoshan Hill Park – a strange destination: everybody’s heard of it, everybody talks about it, but any tourist guides rarely mention it. The view is stunning; to make the adventure even more interesting, take the rather old and squeaky cable cars going up, and the sledge ride coming down.
  • The Elephant Trunk – this iconic natural arch is the city emblem, and therefore the authorities have input a lot of effort into attracting tourists (and making sure they pay for the privilege of seeing it). Don’t expect more than you can see in pictures – but it would be a pity not to check out the real thing while you’re in Guilin.
  • Fubo Hill – Guilin is all about hills, if you haven’t figured this out already – and Fubo is the hill of history, with Tang Dynasty carvings set against a beautiful natural background.
  • Seven Star Park – at some point you will need to slow down and relax a bit, and this is the ideal place to do so. It’s serene, calming, and it houses a small zoo with pandas (you know your friends back home will ask about the Chinese pandas, so stop and take the mandatory pictures here).

Traveling to Guilin on a Budget?

Book your Tiger Holidays tickets and your hotel accommodations well in advance. This is valid for any trip anywhere, but in Guilin prices tend to skyrocket when you get closer to your arrival date. If possible, travel off-season (November through February), when you’ll be avoiding the millions of Chinese tourists. Winter is damp in Guilin, but the low prices make it worthwhile: sometimes the Tiger Holidays tickets may be cheaper than a train ride for the same distance!

Ready to Leave?

Hopefully you have sufficient vacation days for your visit in Guangxi Zhuang, because Guilin is just the tip of the iceberg. You have to see the famous lime formations, best enjoyed from one of the many cruises on the Li River, and a visit to the Crown Cave and the Gudong Waterfall is a must. For those interested in the unique cultural heritage of the area, Daxu has more than 1,000 years of history, and it’s less than two hours away from Guilin. Last but not least, you should pay a visit to the “three beautiful sisters”, the towns of Longsheng, Yangshuo, and Xingping (organized tours take up to ten days for all of them).

Book your Tiger Holidays tickets today for the best prices. Plan your trip – but don’t plan too much, leave a bit of room for improvisation and allow Guilin to surprise you